Excerpt: Final Girl Part III

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Final Girl Part III launches October 3 for your early Halloween seasonal reading. Get it now—or check out this excerpt. Chapter 1: Hush Jess Hush little baby, yes that’s an axe / Daddy’s gonna give mama 40 hacks / And if that bitch don’t die today / Daddy’s gonna chop her up right away. I couldn’t get the stupid nursery rhyme out of my head. I stumbled upon it on Reddit the night before, as I sought out every scrap of information about the notorious axe murderer—and my goddamn birth dad—Randy Lee Kendall. I spent the last week staying up until all hours, ignoring incoming phone calls from Raven and Zero, who wanted to know why I left the team. Oh, yeah. I quit the team....

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What scares me

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As a horror fan and writer of horror, I’m often trying to drill into what could scare my readers. But the deep, dark secret of writing horror is tapping into what scares ME and then writing about it, and maybe, if I’ve done my job well, what scares me will resonate with readers. On Tuesday, a 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City. I’m all the way up in Edmonton, Canada, and if you know your geography, you know there’s no way in hell, I felt it the tremors. But I did feel absolute terror for about 24 hours because my dad was in Mexico City that very day on a business trip. I had no idea where he was or how to reach him, or if he was safe, and as the body count went up as city...

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Your first page is boring—here’s how to fix it

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I won’t link to it, but I just read a blog post out on the interwebs about writing your novel’s first page. The advice was the standard stuff, so I won’t repeat it here. But it was the comment section that made me roll my eyes. A few folks shared what their first page was about, and not to judge, but one person said that their story started with their young protagonist dreaming of an adventure to escape their boring life. BORING. To me, this author has just described every lame first page ever. Sure, your protag is relatable. Who hasn’t been a bored teenager dreaming of excitement? The problem is I don’t care. Other readers don’t care. Because now, on this first page,...

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Recommended read: Riley Sager wants you to “write what you feel”

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Aspiring writers hear this “gem” all the damn time. Write what you know. Well, if we all followed this advice, we wouldn’t have Lord of the Rings (I’m sure Tolkien knows nothing about being a dwarf or hobbit), Star Wars (space cowboys, really), or any horror/fantasy/sci fi and most detective/lawyer dramas/mysteries. So it was refreshing to read Riley Sagar’s thoughts on this topic. Sagar’s Final Girls is the next book on my TBR pile. (Not to be confused with my own series, Final...

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Yoo hoo! Summer sale!

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Final Girl is free (for a good, short time) on Smashwords! And you can download Final Girl Part II for 50%! Get your summer read on, final girls and guys! (And why the hell not? Killer Celebrity Island is also free!)

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