Back in time

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During these rocky political times, I think about how people never have the vision to look at the world around them and consider how they could make a better place for everyone through simple actions (like, for starters, not voting for rich, hyper-conservative, out-of-touch goblin butts). Instead, we dream up scenarios of time travel and imagine rocketing back in time to kill Hitler. And when I think about that, I also remember a crazy, fantastic story (in five parts) that a friend of mine, “Joe Wet Cow,” wrote (and I that I hope he won’t mind me sharing here): Anonymous pamphlet found in bus shelter, part 1 of 5 Anonymous pamphlet found in bus...

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Recommended read: “City of Villains: Why I Don’t Trust Batman”

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Found this one through the Twitter-verse… Sarah Gailey is fantastic, and brings a fresh perspective to the Gotham universe. Set aside 15 minutes or so, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy this short story at Uncanny Magazine. I can’t wait to read her River of Teeth.

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Speaking of spiders…

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The IT teaser trailer is finally here!

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Still a better ending than IT…

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Guys. Spiders. There’s research out now that basically says if all the spiders were super hungry for some people meat and they joined forces, they could wipe us out in a year. So if you’re looking for a story idea, this is it, people. Forget...

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Witches before bitches

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This one’s a month old, but it’s stayed with me. Anyone looking for story ideas, READ THE NEWS! Reality is way scarier and stranger than anything we can imagine. Like how thousands of witches worldwide cast a binding spell on Donald Trump. Additional reading: Bustle wants to tell you “what witches can teach us about fighting back against...

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